I hate blogs

Im lost.. Can you show me where your bedroom is.. Thanks..
This is how productive I feel I’ve been today.

It probably wasn’t actually this impressive but it’s a pleasant step in the right direction.

This is how productive I feel I’ve been today.

It probably wasn’t actually this impressive but it’s a pleasant step in the right direction.

I wish I was more of a picture taker.. Hanging out with a Playboy centerfold just isn’t as cool as it looks in words..

I pussed out on the whole delete Facebook thing.. After giving everyone a two day eviction notice I got nailed with questions that were fun to answer and it turns out that not everyone I know is lame.. Yay me!

Next time I won’t be giving a notice.

Heavy On Entertainment presents..

As some of you may know I’m part of a little company my cousin started and I’m now on my third year of holding the title of Exec. V.P. and it’s awesome. I have no idea who’s who as I’m into sports with helmets but I can’t see myself not doing this.. Every show is a party, our main sponsor is beer, and midgets and tits are an everyday thing.

Heres our card for Saturday’s show..

Buck ‘Rock N Roll’ ZumHofe VS The Honky Tonk Man.

Shane ‘Hurricane’ Helms VS ‘The Popular’ Nate Bash.

'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan VS 'The Anarchist' Arik Cannon.

'Diesel' Kevin Nash VS The Black Stallion.

HOW Heavyweight Champion ‘The Professional’ Benjamin Sailer VS An Unknown Opponent.

Ann Brookstone VS Mystik Recognize VS Heather ZumHofe. Lita or Sunny as special guest referee. If this gets too wild, both women may have to step in.

HOW will honor legends for their contributions to the business both on a local and a national level. This years honorees will all be in attendance to accept their Hall Of Fame plaque in a special ceremony. The 2011 Class includes: Buck ZumHofe, Bill Irwin, Honky Tonk Man, Joyce Grable and Mae Young.

If you have never seen a Pro Wrestling show in person I suggest you check it out.. If you’re gonna be in Duluth MN Saturday let me know and you can be my guest..

Almost every day I see a twitter pal finding me on tumblr and it makes me smile.. Thank you.

sarcasticj-deactivated20111016 asked: Every time I read your posts about your grandparents my heart breaks for you. I don't pretend to know how you feel. No two peoples pain is the same but I just wanted you to know I am feeling for you and I appreciate your willingness to share such raw emotion. You and your family are in my thoughts. Take care, Jessica

You and your reply help me remember that there are wonderful people out there if I just give them a chance.

I don’t tell this stuff to anybody. You are my living diary. Thank you Jessica for listening and more importantly taking the time to get to know me.


Grandma went in for her last chemo treatment yesterday..

She gets so worked up over little things that when something like this pops up it’s me and grandpa trying to comfort her every five minutes and it takes its toll.. When she leaves the house I just melt.. How could someone so small worry so much..

I brought one of her favorite sweaters out to the garage as per her request because it was now a rag in her eyes and all I kept thinking was “I’ll be doing more of this when she passes.”

WTF makes me think like this? Better yet.. How am I ever going to part with anything that reminds me of her? I’ve already saved the sweater from the rag pile.. This can only go from bad to worse if I keep this up.

Sentimental to a fault yet I can throw a 8 year friendship out the window. Talk about fucked up priorates.

Whatever.. These pain killers get me.

Truthful Tuesday.

A close friend just ended a 8 year old relationship with me today.

It’s over me commenting on his gf after he posted a pic of her in her underwear on a forum we frequent. Who does that anyways?! Shes gross with her cloths on and I didn’t want to see it.

Oh well.. Two tears in a bucket.. Couldn’t have been that good of a friend to begin with.

palimpsester-deactivated2012040 asked: I'm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. There are literally ghost towns and abandoned farms in every direction. From Saskatoon to my parents' farm (an hour drive) I probably pass at least a dozen abandonded houses and drive by at least 4 towns that are now "extinct." There's lots of intense stories about ghosts/deaths, too - usually children dying in the early 1900s from accidents and stuff (prairie hardship kind of stuff.)

Thanks! The fact that it was built with diamond mining money puts this at the top of our list of must visits. Looks like we gotta wait till fall but it’ll be worth it :)

billybatts-deactivated20110625 asked: If money was no object, how many vehicles do you think you would own and what would they be?

Quantity would be low.. I couldn’t see owning a bunch if myself and others can’t enjoy them.

My first pic would be most anything with full fender skirts and showing @pebble beach concours. Flowing lines from the 1920-40’s always look good to me. Wide white walls are a plus.

Second.. A 60’s can am/ trans am road race car. Ferrari or gt-40 would be sweet.

Third.. A H1

Fourth.. A factory Wide Body hatchback from early- mid 80’s. I love the look.

Last.. A new Audi would be cool. I’m not picky there. I like most of the new lineup.

These are off the top of my head and could change as fast as my shoes but anything with flowing lines, a huge airplane motor, and giant white walls is always on my mind. Then I could own the zuite suit I always wanted.


I’ll take a pretty face and a ugly ass over an ugly face and a pretty ass any day..

Tumblr makes me want to smash my fucking iPhone. Never before have I ever seen something so dysfunctional in my life.. And I know dysfunction.

Anyways.. I’ve been trying to type out a thank you to Madshrinkage (AKA Cody .Fuckface) and emppalp.. You two have single handedly showed me that I would take a bullet for someone I’ve never met in person.. You two have been a huge breath of fresh air and I had to let you know.. You might have even saved someones life with your kindness..

Thank you for being you. Chad in MN

I will never be the old pervert hitting on nurses while my wife gets chemo. It makes me sick. For this, I am thankful.


So I get caught still sitting in my truck after the accident and I don’t remember shit.. I hit my head pretty good but it’s nothing new to me and it turns out I’m in fantastic shape considering the sudden stop. Bad ribs and a headache and I was back in business.. Or so I thought. Turns out I’m injured worse then first expected and called a family member to take me to the ER.

Sooo I’m waiting for my ride and I noticed the police were careful around the little bit of blood I could get off my head and kept trying to shake all their hands and thanking them for arresting me.. pretty much anything i could come up with to kill the time and then my 300lb pro wrestling cousin comes in the doorway and I knew I was home free. Everybody that was under 30 got called rookie and from no where I sac tap my cuz and follow it up with my finishing move the titty twister.

Cousin gunny sacks my ass over his shoulders and said “We’re leaving dick head.” and he said it was the first time the cops smiled since he got there.

We get into his truck and he says “Where we going. Hospital or home?” and I looked at my tow slip and it said “no insurance needed to collect.” so I went directly to bed.

Three days went by before I woke up. I might have used another life there because that was a 8 month concussion.

I wake up to find my tow slip and I went straight to my truck thinking I could drive it home needing a little work.. Then reality hit me. It was like looking at myself open casket. I should have died that night. After my brain surgery my Dr’s told me I might not survive a hard impact.. Now we know.